November 1976

Release Date: 11/1/1976

Summary: Chelsea News, London - Exhibition at Sloane Street Gallery

A view of the rear of Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, in an exhibition of the work of American surrealist artist Stephen Polin (pictured), which is at Sloane Street Gallery, Chelsea, until December 4th.

Sloan Street Gallery
Reality's component parts are reallocated, realistically depicted and combined with overt fantasy. Polin was born in Philadelphia in 1947 and began his career as a medical student. Three of Hearts, in playing card format, with semi-biological leaf-like hearts and a small bee, is amusing. Towards Knightsbridge embrases fact and fantasy with a line of houses, large impending leaves, a clear sky and no traffic. His borrowings from Magritte and Georgio de Chirico are blatent, but given that the dynamism of surprise has died with our acceptance of unexpected juxtapositions, the problem is to re-enact Surrealism in an interesting way.   Annabel Terry-Engell.

158 Sloane Street, London SW1
Telephone: 01-730 5835
Introduction to several young artists. Work by American Surrelaist artist Stephen Polin to Dec 4th